Seachem Success Fish Bag 6"x16"

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Seachem Success Bag - Case of 100 bags

Stress-free transportation of fish

-Printed front and back reduces light creating stress-free invironment.
-Rounded bottom prevents fish from getting trapped in corners
-Easy to follow pictorial acclimation instructions printed on back
-25% thicker than most widely used fish bags

The Seachem Success Bag incorporates several features to ensure that you are successful getting new fish home. The printed front and back clocks light creating a stress-free environment during transportation, while it's rounded bottom ensures no fish gets trapped in a corner. It also means there is no need to invert the bag, which can lead to leaks. We've even printed simple instructions on the back for how to porperly acclimate fish to their new environment. Include a bottle of stability and stressguard and your fish have the best chance at success!