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EasyNeo effectively prevents illness and even death caused by stress and damage during transport.

  • Contributes to animal welfare
  • Effective and easy to use
  • Fewer losses during transport of fish
  • Fast protection during transport

EasyNeo Safe Transport

Catching and transporting may damage or stress fish. This weakens the mucous membrane which is the primary protection of fish against diseases because it contains many antibodies.

This makes fish more sensitive to:
• Spot diseases like Ichthyophthirius sp. in freshwater or Cryptocaryon irritans in saltwater
• Bacterial infections
• Fungal diseases

By adding EASYNEO ® the immune system is significantly strengthened in a natural way. This effectively prevents illnesses and even mortality caused by stress and damage during transport.
After transport, the aquarium can be treated with  EASYNEO ® 100 ml bottle for perfect aftercare to avoid diseases during the habituation period.

Dosing 100 ml EasyNeo: Add to the aquarium immediately after releasing the fish
10 ml per 20 liters of aquarium water
Making up or overdosing is no problem
Harmless to shrimps, snails and other inhabitants

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